Everyone can upload memes

From today on the upload of memes is open to everyone. However, users without the role Memelord must have each upload confirmed by one of the Memelord.



Milestone reached

More than 500 pictures have now been loaded to 420gag. 


Join on Discord

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/YstVc4vqVr


Apply as Meme Lord

First, what is a Meme Lord?

Meme Lords is the permission to publish pictures in the gag stream of 420GAG We only want qualified helpers on 420GAG. This prevents bad content or even illegal content. 

Why should you become Meme Lord?

You want to help build a community that values quality content. Aktuell werden die Bewerbungen über ein Google Form entgegen genommen.

Apply here as Meme Lord



App Version 2

We have reprogrammed some things in the new app version.

There are new statistics, news, rules, over 420GAG.

In addition, memes can now be found by search and text on image recognition. 

Through the random possibility, you will never get bored.
In the Random category, you will get random memes. There is no algorithm running over it. 


420GAG Launch Website

Today the first version of the website goes online. At the moment. Soon we will implement it there:
 - Search 
- Login / Registration