Rules on 420GAG

We need a few rules to keep our 420GAG save

Memes or Gags on 420GAG should make fun. Treat everyone with respect. 

No porn

There are a lot of porn websites. Please use these pages for porn and keep 420GAG safe.

No violence

Please post nothing that harms people or animals. We want to have fun, and not to be a gory platform. 

No hate speech

Please do not bully someone. It is harder for people than you expect. Keep the community safe.

No spam

Please do not spam. Otherwise, we have to block you.

No fake news

If we find some fake news, we will remove them. Fake News has a big impact on the way of thinking. Also, propaganda is forbidden.

No copyright issues

We know it is hard to keep 420GAG free from copyright issues since Memes are shared everywhere. If we get a problem with content, we will remove it.


  • We will also report you to the law if there are illegal activities
  • We have the possibility to block you
  • We have the possibility to block you for some actions